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PEC Double Square

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I "discovered" PEC tools of California and was so impressed I bought some of their stuff to put it to the test of daily use.  I am still impressed and I now recommend PEC's premium line of layout tools and squares. 

This is the PEC double square.  It is an extremely useful little square and I have one in my apron pocket all the time.  The adjustable blade combined with two 90 degree faces on the body make this little guy perfect for measuring both inside and outside corners for square, checking an edge for square, or any time I need to mark a short measurement.  Here is why:

  • We stock the premium "hardened steel" versions - not the cast versions.

  • 4 inch blade is fully hardened, tempered, and comes with a durable, satin chrome finish.

  • The high contrast, micro fine graduations are well marked, and very easy to read.

  • Allows you to measure and mark 90 degrees, blade adjusts to left or right side of the body, and remains very accurate.

  • Knurled adjustment knob is very easy to grip.

  • Graduation scale - 4R: 8ths & 16ths, 32nds & 64ths

  • Made in the USA

Customer Reviews

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Raymond Lefebvre
PEC Pocket Square

Loving it !
I keep it in my apron to double-check the height of my table saw blade, the distance between the fence/router bit, or on the bandsaw.
It's easy to see the numbers on it, sturdy enough so I don't worry to bend it or if I drop it. Beautiful little tool.

James R Jacobe
Double Square Review

High quality. Perfect for apron pocket. Smooth slide with exceptional locking mechanism.

Jeff Rawlings

Perfectly square and just right for a pocket size tool

David Coppola
High Quality

This is not the first PEC product from Rob Cosman. Years ago I was lucky enough to purchase the 12inch PEC square that Rob was using at a show and to this day I use it daily. The operation, quality and accuracy of this square are top shelf. I highly recommend PEC products and this little 4inch double square is a must have.

Great square

More and more I'm appreciating smaller tools in my general day-to-day work. This is a great square.