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Skew Block Plane Fence

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We love and recommend the Lie Nielsen skew block planes.  They are just perfect for cutting a tiny rabbet on your tailboard when making dovetails so that you can use the rabbet to precisely register the tailboard to the pin-board when transferring the tails (See Rob's method for cutting through dovetails).

What makes the Lie Nielsen skew block plane so useful is it's movable fence attachment. However, the plane does not come with an actual fence to screw to the fence attachment mechanism.  The instructions that come with the plane tell you to make your own fence!

We now have done that job for you.  Our fence is:

  • Specifically designed to fit a Lie Nielsen skew block plane (Left or right handed).
  • Made from hard maple.
  • Size: 7-1/4 inches x 1 inch x 7/16 inches..
    • Pre-drilled with screw holes to fit the Lie Nielsen fence attachment device.
    • Comes with two brass Phillips-head screws to mount on the fence (be careful not to over-torque)


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    Good but not up to the quality I expect of Rob

    The product is as specified but there is tear-out on one side of the fence that will need to be sanded or planed. I would have expected there not to be any tear-out especially at the cost of a small piece of wood.

    William D. Elliott
    Excellent Skew Block Plane fence

    I find the fence to be perfect. Of course, watching Rob use this tool and the fence prepares you for an excellent product and so it is.

    Lewis Way Way
    Skew Block Plane Fence

    Whats to say. It works, gives a much bigger reference surface.

    Bryan McDaniel
    Lefty Righty

    The addition of this fence has brought my “right handed” skew block plane off the shelf. Being left handed has always made using this plane difficult and not fun. The size and quality of this fence has given me more control and most of all the confidence to use this plane.

    Thank you!

    Fantastic craftsmanship - Skew Block Plane Fence

    Replacing a home-made fence crafted from shop scraps with this beautiful Rob Cosman Skew Block Plane fence has transformed the ease of using my old Lie Nielsen plane. She now cuts much smoother.

    Not cheap, but we’ll worth the money. Highly recommended.

    Let me also add that the tracking service provided by the Canadian Postal service made the shipping experience from Canada to UK effortless.