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Grobet Saw File: 18-22 TPI

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Finding quality files for sharpening hand saws is a big challenge.  The problem is that most companies that made quality files in the past, now outsource their production to China, Brazil, or Mexico and the quality control is unacceptable.  Typically, the corners of these files are rounded, the metal is too soft, they do not cut well, and they wear out fast. 

We have done extensive testing on saw files and have only found a few brands, all European made, that are still high quality files we can recommend.   We carry the brand we were most impressed with - Grobet's Swiss Pattern, Three-Sided, saw files made in Italy. Precision files, commonly known as Swiss-pattern files, are made to exacting measurements to ensure smoothness. 

These files are made from high quality hardened steel and are machined for a precision shape, accuracy, and balance.  We find these files last for approximately three sharpenings per corner (about 9 sharpenings total). 

We prefer Grobet's needle shaped files for our backsaws because they have a longer cutting surface and reach deeper into the tooth gullet than traditional regular shaped files. 

Product Details

  • TPI used for: 18-22 TPI
  • File Length: 6-1/4 inches / 140mm
  • File Width: 9/64 inches / 3.7mm
    • Type: Tapered, needle file
    • Cross-section:  Three-sided, triangular
    • Cut: Second (64 teeth per inch)


      Customer Reviews

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      Never in my life have I sharpened a saw of any kind. Watched Rob a couple times. Built a saw vise. Sharpened a saw in 10 min or so. Like new. Thank you.

      Mac Lambert Lambert

      I have “overused” my 3/4 saws by cutting a lot of dovetails with wood thicker than 3/8” - only because it’s such a lovely saw to use.
      I did a test cut down to the brass back. It took 18 strokes. Enter the saw file. The after test took 11 strokes. So, the saw file works well with such a small toothed saw. Thanks for sourcing it, Rob/Jake.