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Training the Hand Workshop: Meals

Meals.  Six each breakfast, lunch, and supper meals are included in the price of the workshop tuition.  All meals are planned and prepared by Anita, our semi-professional chef.  She is assisted in meal preparation by several volunteers.  Anita's meals are truly four star !  High quality, healthy, food mostly made from scratch and loveling prepared.  Everyone goes home usually having gained a little weight.  Just read the workshop reviews and you can see what great things past students say about the food.  

Food Allergies and Special Dietary Requirements.  Our small kitchen and staff are NOT ABLE to accommodate most food allergies or special dietary requirements.  Our meals are generally low in processed sugar, low in gluten, and low in dairy products; however, neither our small kitchen or food is certified free-anything (e.g. peanut-free, gluten-free, meat-free, etc) and our small staff means we are not capable of deviating from the planned menu.  If you have any food concerns, allergies, or special dietary requirements email Luther at to discuss your situation.   

Kitchen and Dining Area. As part of our 2022 workshop upgrade, we built a small commercial kitchen with an attached dining room adjacent to the workshop.  This way we waste no travel time going to eat.  Meals are served 20 feet away from the training workshop

Local Restaurants. Unfortunately, there is an extremely limited number of restaurants in Grand Bay near Rob's Workshop.  There is a Subway next door to Rob's Workshop.  A pizza parlor, a fish and chips food stand, a small grocery store, and a gas station with a small deli down the road, but all other restaurants are located on the outskirts of Saint John, about a 20 minutes drive away.  As you can see, there isn't a great selection of restaurants in the Grand Bay area, this is why all meals are included in the price of the workshop.