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Rob Cosman's IBC Half-Blind Chisel: 3/8 inch

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If you have ever cut a half-blind dovetail then you know how challenging cleaning out the pin socket is, especially in the corners.  Not happy with the skew and fishtail chisels available, I designed and made my own half-blind chisel and they work great!

  • These chisels are made from our Rob Cosman IBC 3/8 inch bevel edge chisels with custom fit cherry handles. 

  • Has a 7/16 inch cutting depth.
  • Dovetail-shape makes accessing the back corners of the half-blind socket easy.

  • Sides of the chisel tip are angled to easily fit into the corners of the half-blind socket.

  • One chisel does both corners verses a left and right set of skew chisels.

  • Pushing through endgrain is tough; unlike skew chisels, our half-blind chisels keeps your line of force straight making it easier to push through the endgrain.

  • My students love them!  Try it once and you will never want to cut half-blind dovetails without it.

Customer Reviews

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Quite small.

Before purchasing, I emailed for size verification. I asked if the only difference was the width. Thinking I could use the 3/8" blind dovetail video for all my work, including 3/4" fronts with 5/8" deep dovetails. I was told that the width was the only dimensional difference and the reach into the dovetail was the same.

This will only teach in 3/8". Not enough for a 3/4" front when the dovetail reaches in 5/8".

I'm sure this will perform for small work, but not much good for the majority of what I have planned.

They should have the tip dimensions on a drawing or photo to make this clear.

Excellent chisels

This chisel that Rob has modified to make it easier to do the clean out for half blind dovetails makes it possible for an amateur like me to able to create a joint that I probably wouldn’t attempt without his instruction and this chisel.
Thanks Rob.

Dennis Galvin
Half blind chisel

Works well in the chisel out corners and side of the tails and pins. Only complaint is how easily the handle twists loose.

Brett Pokorski
Really amazing quality chisel

Just absolutely great quality. Really comfortable! Only thing I would have to say that I wish could be different I guess is if the handle was similar to the lie Nielsen chisels. But that’s really not a big deal or a deal breaker by any means. All around great product ! Thank you!

Daniel Martinez

After sharpening these, I’ve got nothing but praise for these two chisels. They provide the perfect means of cleaning out the pins in blind dovetails. Glad I purchased them.