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Cozmanized Workbench Caster Set 4-Piece

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We use WoodRiver workbench casters on all of our teaching workbenches to move them around easily; however, we found that the metal in the cam mechanism would easily bend rendering the wheels useless.  To solve this problem, we welded an 1/8 inch piece of plate steel on top of the original metal to prevent it from bending.    
You will love these beefed-up workbench casters as much as we do.  Each set  comes with lock washers, nuts, and mounting screws.
  • Set of four casters
  • Tough 2-3/8" urethane wheels won’t mar the floor or flatten due to the weight.
  • Each foot pedal allows you to lift the bench 3/4" off the floor.
  • Foot activated lift. 
  • 360° maneuverability.
  • Rugged steel construction; Satin black finish.

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Stephen Cobb
Cosmanized workbench casters an excellent upgrade

Order arrived quickly and in good order - no issues. I installed these for my table saw outfeed table/storage cabinet, which gets quite heavy - these make it a breeze to move around. The welded-on plates give peace of mind, knowing these won't fold under pressure.

Jim Frost
Heavy duty casters

I recently got a Sjobergs Elite 2000 bench with storage cabinet. It weighs 350 pounds plus the weight of the tools stored in the cabinet. My shop setup will require me to move it from time to time and I was concerned that the “standard” bench casters would fail under that load. The “Cosmonized” casters seem like they will hold up much better. Time will tell but so far the work great!

My second set of Cosmanized Casters

The best way to conveniently maneuver benches in a small shop. The additional work that Rob has done on these casters makes them suitable for heavy duty use.

Harold Jones
Excellent Improvement

Installation went well after making thin wooden spacers to put behind the upper portion of the caster mounts due to the offset between the feet and the legs on a Sjobergs bench. Casters seem to handle the weight nicely.

Paul Martin
Workbench mobility

I took the time to read other online reviews on not only this product but others as well.
I'm more than happy with the modification to the casters, they work great.
PS I won't be putting too many kilometers/miles on my workbench so I'm not concerned about the bolt length!!