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Fisch Drill Bits

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When I find a well made product that meets my standards, I buy it.  Fisch Vortex-D drill bits meet my standards and that's why I use and sell them.  They are made in Austria using high quality steel under strict manufacturing and quality control standards.  These are not your everyday drill bits, and yes they cost more than drills made in China, but when I need to drill a precise hole these are the bits I reach for, and so should you.

  • Made from high quality, hard steel.

  • 1/8",  3/16",  1/4",  5/16",  3/8",  7/16",  1/2"

  • Manufactured in Austria using their famous quality control and strict manufacturing standards.

  • Fisch has been making high quality woodworking tools since 1946, they do it right!

  • Use for your precise drilling requirements.

  • Comes in a nice wooden case to protect your investment.

Drill Bit Technical Details:  These wood twist drills are featuring 100Cr6 quality steel, with a center point, 2 cutters and 2 spurs. Optimized spurs ensure fast and easy cutting of the wood fibres before the hole is drilled. Additionally, a beveled edge leads to a perfect drilling of the diameter without any deviation. The alloyed steel improves the stability time of the drill, up to 1500 holes without resharpening are possible.

Fisch Tool Company: Fisch tools specializes in the manufacture of high-quality drilling and cutting tools with operations based at their drill factory in West Styria, Austria.  Their approximately 75 skilled workers produce over 2 million top-quality drilling and milling bits every year. The most important precondition for the highest-quality tools is the careful selection of raw materials. As a result of the standardization of steels and the high-quality steel processing in Europe, Fisch confidently say they use only the best raw materials in producing their drill bits. The manufacturing process, which takes place on the most modern CNC (robot-controlled) machines, ensures the highest processing precision.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
James Ferrell
Fisch Bits

Have not yet used them, but I impressed with the fir and finish.

Kent Burlison
Fisch drill bits

Best drill bits I’ve ever used, by far. I recommend them.

joseph james
Awsome bits

very sharp, very clean cuts!

Sharp,clean cut

Very clean cutting bits.
The quality is worth the extra all tools.