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Fret Saw

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I prefer sawing most of my dovetail waste out with a fret saw instead of chopping it out with a chisel.  Sawing takes less effort and is easier to control.  My fret saw features;

  • Pinned handle to prevent separation

  • Handle taped like a hockey stick for better grip and control

  • Frame is stiff and top mounted wing nut allows tightening blade to resist bowing

  • Light and with just a 3" depth of throat it is balanced

  • Quick twist of the blade at clamping points eliminates throat capacity restrictions.

  • Accepts 5 inch blades.  I highly recommend using our five inch, 12.5 tpi skip tooth blades with this saw.  

  • Skip tooth blades cut faster, especially in hard woods.

  • Includes a package of 12 blades.

Size: Overall length (maximum extension: 12 1/2 inches; (minimum extension) 8 inches.  Maximum frame opening: 6 Inches.  Depth of throat: 3 inches.

Height: 4 1/2 inches.

Weight: 160 grams.

Frame: Made from forged steel construction for exceptional performance and durability features.

Handle:  Wooden 4 inch long, wrapped in hockey grip tape.

Blade:  Length: 5 inches.  Width = 0.038 inches, Thickness = .016 inches,  Teeth Per Inch (TPI) = 12.5 .

Customer Reviews

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Ed Devlin
Fret Saw

Works great, much better than the coping saw that I was using before,

Brad E. Oren, MD
Much better than coping saw or other fret saws

As I was working on the Cosman dovetail method with an old coping saw, I knew I needed something better. The Cosman fret saw is worth every dime of US$60. The blades attach differently than most coping saws- the blades are tiny, allowing them to cut within the dovetail easily and cleanly, making chisel clean up much easier. They attach by pressure from a turn screw only- no tab to lock in. But, they stay in the saw through vigorous cutting. As he suggests, use a chisel ground to 17 degrees for clean up of base of dovetail. It comes with a hockey tape grip, which also works wonders for slippery handled tools, so be prepared to buy a couple rolls of that from him too! We poor Americans don’t have lakes that freeze any more, so far less hockey here! You’ve got lots of wood- get the saw and start making proper hand cut dovetails to joint it!


The bee’s knees! Delivers as promised, thank you.

Martin Davidson
Terrific addition

Easy to set up, tension and handle

Alan Peek
Fret Saw

The saw arrived in good time and condition. Have only done a couple of test cuts, due to other commitments, but feels good in the hand and cuts as expected. I highly recommend this fret saw.