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Hex Socket Replacement Screws: WoodRiver Version

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Our Hex Socket Replacement Screws: WoodRiver set, upgrades the five adjustment screws on your WoodRiver bevel down bench planes, giving you significantly better control versus the factory supplied slotted screws.

Our hex socket screw set replaces the following five factory screws: lever cap screw, chip-breaker screw, 2 x frog pin retaining screws (bedrock style), and the frog adjustment screw.

Each screw has a 3/16 inch hex socket head so that all our plane adjustment screws can be adjusted using the same size hex driver.

The underside of the lever cap screw is countersunk so that it "grips" the lever cap when pressure is applied preventing the slippage that the factory supplied lever cap screw is prone to doing. 

See our Hex Drive Adjustment Drivers for use with these screws.

Product Details:

  • Sold as a set ONLY; no individual screw sales.

  • Fits WoodRiver bench planes #3, #4, #4-1/2, #5, #5-1/2, #6, and #7 ONLY.

  • Screw Thread Sizes:
    • Chip-Breaker screw: M8x1.25 5g6g
    • Frog Adjustment screw: M6x1.0 5g6g
    • Frog Retaining Pin screw: M6x1.0 5g6g
    • Lever Cap screw: M8x1.25 5g6g

Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Guy Wallace
What else is there to say?

I saw Rob at the Exotic Woods - Burlington anniversary event, a few weeks ago. He pulled out a new-in-box 5-1/2 and started to disassemble for everyone to see. First thing I noticed were the hex bolts. I bought replacement sets for my 4-1/2, 5-1/2, and #7 right there. Huge improvement over the slot screws.

Tim Beach, USAF (Ret)
Best upgrade for bench planes since the Adjust Star

I already have this item on my WoodRiver #4-1/2 and #5-1/2 planes and they are amazing. I always have a positive connection with the driver and bolt. No chance of slipping and damaging the head of the bolt.
This set is for the WoodRiver #7 that will be purchased once I've recovered from my recent surgery.
I own a few of Rob's tools and all of them are high quality and craftsmanship.
Like Rob always tells us, "Better tools makes it a whole lot easier."

Mike Herzog
Hex screws for Wood river 5 1/2

After buying the the correct driver, adjustments on the frog or blade tensioner are very easy and secure. The hex head sockets on the screws hook up nicely.

David Reid
Hex head screws

What can I say, perfect fit, perfect for the application. I’ll outfit all my future planes with these and adjustars. The maple butter isn’t too bad either!

Robert Sabo
Hex screws for Wood River

Solid upgrade.