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Rob Cosman's IBC Bench Chisel - 3/4 inch

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Determined to design a better bench chisel, IBC and I teamed up and developed what I consider to be the best woodworking bench chisel on the market today.  These chisels meet all five criteria of a great bench chisel: comfortable, high quality steel, bevel on the side with a small flat, flat back, and the ability to change handles.

Product Details:

  • Size:  Bench chisel handle length: approximately 3.9 inches. Bench chisel total length: approximately 9 inches. Bench chisel blade length, including the tang is approximately 6 inches. Blade width: 3/4 inch. 
  • Handle: Cherry handle is turned precisely on a lathe so it fits nicely to the ferrule and the end cap and have a butter smooth surface.  Shaped for a comfortable grip in the hand, they are finished with three coats of oil.

  • Steel:  Made from AISI High Vanadium A2 tool which holds an edge beautifuy.  Fully stress relieved, triple tempered, cryogenically treated and hardened to 60-62 HRC.  Primary bevel is ground to 25°. 

  • Flat Back.  Each chisel is tested on a granite reference surface to ensure the back is flat to within .0005 of an inch.

  • Design: The blade tang extends through a hardened steel ferrule and into a threaded hardened steel core that is inserted through the center of the wood handle and is securely attached to an aluminum striking cap.  This design allows you to easily replace the standard cherry handle with your own custom turned wood handle. 

  • Made in Canada

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Warren Weeks
3/4” IBC chisel

Not impressed with the condition of the chisel out of the box. It had a series of deep scratches along the length of the chisel back, which were more pronounced the closer you get to the cutting edge. This is my second 3/4” IBC chisel. I was pleased with the condition of the first one but not the second. If I could attach a photo, you can see the deeper scratches even after I spent a good amount of time flattening the back. I used Trend 300 and Shapton 500 stones.

George Overton
IBC 3/4” bench chisel

Meets, more than meets my expectations. I like being able to flatten the back with the handle removed. Also comforting knowing that the chisel will not fall out of the handle while in use. Polished nicely, the back appeared to be very flat. Haven’t used it hard yet so not much to say about performance. Oh, and the handle fits nicely in my hand and looks nice.

Gary Rick
Perfect if you are used to it

This is as good as a chisel can get. However, the handle is a little thicker than the L-N chisels I generally used If I started out using the IBCs I would probably prefer that thickness.

Howard Smith
Highest quality, as advertised

As a novice woodworker, I have a half dozen chisels inherited or purchased (from a hardware store) over the years that I have used for tasks that did not require a sharp edge. After watching Rob's videos, I realized they were junk. It's amazing to finally use a precision tool. But being a beginner with not much confidence, I could use some specific guidance on proper preparation of a new chisel. Perhaps there is a video that addresses this? Thanks!

Glenn Allen
Top Quality Bench Chisel.

After much study and research, I decided to purchase the IBC Bench Chisel from Rob Cosman.
I love the Cherry handle, and this product is Top Quality. Sharpens easily, stays sharpe, and cuts easily through all types of wood. Well made and beautiful. I highly recommend this product from Rob Cosman.