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Rob Cosman's IBC Mortise Chisel: 1/2 inch

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Determined to design a better mortise chisel, IBC and I teamed up and developed what I consider to be the best woodworking mortise chisel on the market today.  These chisels meet all five criteria of a great mortise chisel: comfortable, high quality steel, sides square to the back (+/- .002 of an inch accuracy), flat back, and the ability to change handles.

Product Details:

  • Size:  Mortise chisel handle length: 3.87 inches. Mortise chisel total length: approximately 9 inches. Mortise chisel blade length, including the tang is approximately 6 inches. Blade width: 1/2 inch, blade height: 1/2 inch. 
  • Handle: Cherry handle is turned precisely on a lathe so they fit nicely to the ferrule and end cap and have a butter smooth surface.  Shaped for a comfortable grip in the hand, they are finished with four coats of tung oil.

  • Steel:  Made from AISI High Vanadium A2 tool steel which holds an edge beautifully.  Fully stress relieved, triple tempered, cryogenically treated and hardened to 60-62 HRC.  Primary bevel is ground to 30°. 

  • Flat Back.  Each chisel is tested on a granite reference surface to ensure the back is flat to within .0005 of an inch.

  • Design: The blade tang extends through a hardened steel ferrule and into a threaded hardened steel core that is inserted through the center of the wood handle and is securely attached to an aluminum striking cap.  This design allows you to easily replace the standard cherry handle with your own custom turned wood handle. 

  • Made in Canada

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
David Hoke

I’m 57 years old and just getting started. You’d think I learned my lesson after all this time - not!! After wasting hundreds of dollars on crap chisels, Rob’s chisels are a dream!! No joke. I settled on these after attempting to gouge out the four huge through mortises on the legs of my beechwood Moravian workbench. Using a Narex chisel was becoming journey to the center of the Earth. Granted, much of this was due to lack of confidence, but that confidence is quickly gained with the proper tools. Rob’s chisels are not only proper, but they are so damn enjoyable to handle, use and maintain. His chisels cut my time in half, and that half inch mortise chisel took a serious relentless beating over two days. Looks brand new. I only needed to touch up the edge a couple times! Thanks, Rob!! I’ll be back!!!

IBC + Cosman = perfect mortise chisel

Recently purchased, very hard, holds an edge and not difficult to sharpen. Works with soft or hardwoods. No tuning needed, just a quick strop and I was smacking out mortises. Well worth the money, will buy more IBC/Cosman chisels for sure.

Steven Pauley
Top Quality and a joy to use

Wonderful quality tools - now a proud owner of all 6 sizes. Bought some cheaper one first and returned them - IBC’s are expensive but worth every penny.

Richard Schellentrager
Fantastic tool

The tool can do better than I can.
The chisel belongs in a display case it's made so well.
Now I've got to start saving for my next one.

Tod A. Nunes
A High Quality, Durable Tool

It delivers everything you expect from this tool. Ease of use and very accurate cuts, just like Rob demonstrated in his video lessons. I am very pleased with my purchase and consider this a “lifetime” tool!