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IBC/Rob Cosman Revival Plane Blade Set (2-5/8 inches)

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One of the best ways to improve the performance of an older Stanley or Record plane is to replace its original blade set with a thicker, premium blade set. 

Not satisfied with the way replacement blade sets fit and worked in older planes, I teamed up with IBC and designed a blade set specifically designed to work in older planes

The problem is that the older plane's adjustment system was not designed for modern, thicker, premium blades.  To solve this, we added special "tabs" to our premium blade set that enables it to engage the older plane's adjustment system in the same manner as the original blade set.  This allows the blade set to adjust like an original Stanley but perform like the modern, premium blade that it is.

  • 2-5/8 inch wide Blade & Chip Breaker Set.  Fits older Stanley and Record No. 8 planes.

  •  At .140 inches thick, this blade set is almost twice as thick as that found in older Stanley and Record planes.

  • It may be necessary to file open your plane's mouth to accommodate the thicker blade.

  • Blade is high vanadium A-2 steel, 0.140” thick, 60-62HRc and cryogenically treated to optimize the cutting edge’s wear resistance properties.

  • Chipbreakers are unique – high carbon 0-1 steel, 0.125” thick and hardened to 30-32HRc for added stiffness.

  • Bevels are mated to achieve a flatness tolerance of +/-0.001” along the entire width of the cutting edge.

Customer Reviews

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Dale McBride
Good blade but Chip breaker is too short

My earlier review was 4 stars but the chip breaker has issues. The bench I built is hard maple. Because I can not set the plane properly I am having tear out issues while flattening the bench. I have contacted IBC about this but they are reluctant to change their design. All #8 Stanley planes use the same size blade & chip Breaker the distance from the edge of the chip breaker the rectangular adjuster slot should be 4 inched not 3.75 inches . Hopefully IBC will change their design.