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Cosmanized Grobet Mill Bastard File: 10 inch

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If you use hand planes then you need a mill bastard metal file.  Use this file on new planes to ease the plane edges and remove any burrs left by the milling process done at the factory.  On older planes, use this file to open the mouth of the plane when installing a modern thick blade set.  Works great to true the edge on a card scraper.  Hundreds of other uses.

Grobet Mill Bastard Files are an American Pattern Mill File, Bastard Cut, used for draw filing and finishing metals. Grobet Mill Bastard Files are rectangular shaped that tapers slightly in width, with single cut on sides and edges. Grobet Mill Bastard Files feature 2 square edges.

We "Cosmanize" this file by adding an American made handle and wrapping the handle with our signature grip tape for a secure grip

File grades are classified as bastard cut, second cut or smooth cut. Bastard cut is the coarsest grade and is used to remove material quickly. Second cut can also be used for fast removal but it provides a slightly smoother finish. Second cut is also known as medium cut. Smooth cut features a fine grade best used for finishing work and preparing surfaces for sanding. 


    Customer Reviews

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    Jerry Bruck

    best file I have ever had


    It great

    John Cilliers
    That group!

    The first thing that strikes me about the file is the grip. Nice! The file is sharp and of high quality. Highly recommended.

    Douglas Berger
    Cosman Quality

    As expected from Rob’s shop. Great tools for hand woodcraft.