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PEC Spring Dividers: 4 inch

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 I "discovered" PEC tools of California and was so impressed I bought some of their stuff to put it to the test of daily use.  I am still impressed and I now recommend PEC's premium line of layout tools. 

If you are going to use my method of laying out dovetails (taught to me by Allen Peters) then you will need some dividers. I recommend using two dividers for marking dovetails: one to mark the half pins and one to mark the full tails.  I prefer the 4"dividers because I find them more comfortable to use than the larger sizes.  In addition to dovetails you will find lots of uses for dividers.  These PEC Spring Dividers are really good quality and priced right.  I highly recommend them.

  •  4 inch long dividers.

  • Points are tapered and sharp.

  • Sharp knurling on the adjustment nut for easy gripping.

  • Split nut adjustment screw allows for quick setting.

  • Polished Natural Steel Finish

Customer Reviews

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William Weyand
Great dividers!

These dividers are great for laying out dovetails.

4" PEC Spring Divider

Big improvement over the original set I owned from a big office supply box store. Laying out dovetails and other measurements is much easier and I do not have to worry about the divider losing the original measurement. Highly recommend the PEC Dividers.

Ronald Grant

I had a pair of the friction type and tried to make them do with my dovetail work. There’s nothing like the spring dividers that hold true their setting to make cutting dovetails accurate, fun and satisfying. I love my hand tool coach!

Elyas J Shanab
Good value

Good quality and value. hard to find nowadays . A little weak at the top but the rest is very solid.

Kyle Parrell
Good value

I have a pair of Starrett's and now these, would buy these again before forking the money on Starrett