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PEC Sliding T-Bevel

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I "discovered" PEC tools of California and was so impressed I bought some of their stuff to put it to the test of daily use. I am still impressed and I now recommend PEC's premium line of layout tools. I really like their sliding T-Bevel. A sliding T-bevel is used for both laying out and transferring both inside and outside angles. This PEC model also fits nicely in my hand.

Customer Reviews

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Daniel Geng
PEC T Bevel

As usual for PEC products it surpassed my expectations!

Brian Franklin
Sliding bevel.

I have a couple sliding bevel and this is the best one out of all of them... once u lock it down.. its solid as a rock!! It also has good hand feel. The one thing I will say is it has sharp edges but I took a file to mine and now its perfect!

David Anderson
PEC Sliding T-Bevel

Nice finish, exactly what I wanted in a smaller T-Bevel. Not perfect, because of the way the slots are machined. It is not suitable to set an angle on a machine - table saw blade for instance. The blade cannot be flush with the corner of the base for every angle. Other than that, it is great for marking angles on smaller work pieces, dovetails etc.

Steve Alison
Needs Cleaning Up.

Once cleaned up, the tool works great, is reasonably pleasant to use and locking mechanism stays tight.

Although, the adjustor knob does get sticky at both ends of travel due to machining defects in the slot, but more of a nuisance.

Every edge out of the packaging was razor sharp with burrs. Had to dissasemble, stone all the inside and outside edges and clean the grit before it was comfortable to use.

Philip Lawton III
Well made & reliable, this Sliding T-Bevel is the one to have.

I was a lucky PHP student last October. Since then, I've been charting my own journey through woodworking and the PEC Sliding T-Bevel has made itself part of my essential tool collection. Purchased in May, 2020. It has proven its worth beyond the project I needed it for. It is of high quality and I havent had any issues locking it in place. Once set, this sliding t-bevel has never slipped. This tool is easy to use, it doesn't rub or get hung up on itself when adjusting it's position. Definitely a tool to keep.