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Rob Cosman's Dovetail Saw: 3/4 Size (Seconds)

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We make a lot of 3/4 Dovetail Saws and even though we are really good at it, sometimes things happen.  Every now and then we create a cosmetic blemish that does not affect the proper functioning of the saw, but we cannot sell it as one of our high quality saw "Firsts"

This can be great news to you!  It is a way to purchase a Rob Cosman 3/4 Dovetail Saw Saw at a discount.  

We don't have many of these but when we do make a cosmetic mistake we put them up here for sale.   The pictures on this page are representative of the typical flaws that make a saw a second.

If we are out of stock, just keep checking back, maybe there is a blemished saw in your future!!

Please see Rob Cosman's Dovetail saw: 3/4 size product page for all the details about this saw.


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Phillip Devitt
3/4 Dovetail saw (seconds)

I have only done test cutting and found the saw perfect to my hand with the weight excellent and very sharp. I am most impressed with the balance and weight of the handle, fits my hand like a glove and super control of the saw. the photo I took will not cut and paste into the box. but it is a beutiful saw.

3/4 dovetail saw

Like all his products, pure perfection.

kevin winsor
Even better!

I've been very happy with my full size RC dovetail saw. I do make some items with small dovetails so I decided to try the 3/4 saw. Wasn't sure what to expect beyond quality construction. The first cut was impressive. The saw makes it very easy to get a plumb cut! I'm not sure what makes it so easy. Maybe it's the feedback to the hand. Whatever it is it makes it so easy to cut a tight joint.

Alan McKeown
3/4 dovetail saw

Fits the hand perfectly. Very nice saw to use. Excellent saw.

Daniel Campbell
3/4 DT Saw (2nd)

Saw arrived and I could not discern any visible flaws that would qualify it as a "Second". I currently use a RC full size DT saw and am very happy w/the performance. Not so for the 3/4 DT saw. I am getting chatter with the 3/4. Not sure if it's the saw or the user. I am using this saw for smaller boxes and the wood thickness is between 5/16ths to 5/8ths. I will keep trying.