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Rob Cosman's Angle Trainer

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Sharpening your plane blade is the most important skill for a handtool woodworker.  I have taught thousands of students my freehand (no jig needed) sharpening method which enables you to sharpen your blade in 30 seconds and get right back to work.  Once you develop the muscle memory to feel the correct angle to hold the blade you will be able to hand sharpen like a professional.  My angle trainer will help you quickly develop that muscle memory.

  • The biggest advantage of my trainer is that you hold the blade the same way you would if you were free hand sharpening.  The angle trainer slips underneath the blade to provide that bit of confidence needed in the learning phase.

  • Uses powerful rare earth magnets to securely hold the blade to the trainer at the proper angle.

  • Designed to work with blades that have a 25 degree primary bevel (which is almost all hand plane blades)

  • Has a 29 degree face for honing the secondary bevel.

  • Has a 31 degree face for honing the tertiary bevel.

  • Made of a hard wearing composite material called Swanstone that easily slides on your diamond or water stone.

  • Once you develop your muscle memory you no longer need the angle trainer.

Size: 3/4" wide x 3" long x 1" high.

Customer Reviews

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Stephen Skinner from Northern Illinois
Newbe use of the Angle Trainer

I'm a beginner on the use of hand tools and sharpening them. After reviewing the exellent Cosman videos on sharpening, I purchased the Angle Trainer because I was concerned that I would not be holding the correct angle concistently during the sharpening process by hand without use of the Angle Trainer. I did not want to ruin a new blade or chisel by attempting to develop my skill by hand without the use of the Angle Trainer. So I began the process of sharpening a new "out of the box" blade with the confidence of using the Angle Trainer. I found that the magnets really hold your metal blade securely but its a bit difficult to make small adjustments when resting the cutting edge on the stone while keeping the base of the Angle Trainer flat on the stone. I did not want to raise the base off the stone while contacting the cutting edge of the blade on the stone. I also had a tendency to skew the cutting edge if the blade was not centered on the middle of the two angled surfaces of the Angle Trainer. I found the best way to make minor adjustments while the strong magnets held the blade was to rotate the blade 90* then back to start again to make small advancements keeping the base flat on the stone. There is a learning process using the Angle Trainer as well but I have gotten off to a good start with its use.

Well thought out and helpful training device

Not much more to be said. I will add that as an older feller some days my hands are not as steady as needed to hold the slight angles needed for the 2nd and 3rd bevels, those that really make the difference between sort of sharp and really sharp. You know, the sharpness that makes a tool a joy to use. The sound of a hand plane when this sharp is nearly addictive. And, being able to plane to finish, where the wood can’t be any better for when you add the finish (of your choice) is very satisfying and rewarding. It is so cool to be able to do this, but you need these last two bevels to do this, thus the angle guide is a must while developing the muscle memory (or if you’re an old poot like I am and need the help now and then) or skill to sharpen to this level of proficiency. As written, a well thought out and helpful training device. Well done RC. And I’d be remiss if not saying that the transaction was seamless and the customer service exemplary. Great experience all around.

Helpful, Easy to Use, Reasonable Cost

The review title says it all. I’ll only add that this not meant as a permanent tool. I bought the guide to help develop adequate “muscle memory” (At nearly 70 I am not as steady handed as I used to be.). And as ALWAYS the Cosman customer service is exemplary.

Alan White

everything I’ve get from Rob Cosman is top-notch. I was curious if this would make my life easier and boy has it ever!
It’s way more consistent than my own hand, pressure and guessing angles.

Royce Achterberg
Great idea, well made.

Very precise &great materials. Will be a very durable tool.