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Rob Cosman's Angle Trainer

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Sharpening your plane blade is the most important skill for a handtool woodworker.  I have taught thousands of students my freehand (no jig needed) sharpening method which enables you to sharpen your blade in 30 seconds and get right back to work.  Once you develop the muscle memory to feel the correct angle to hold the blade you will be able to hand sharpen like a professional.  My angle trainer will help you quickly develop that muscle memory.

  • The biggest advantage of my trainer is that you hold the blade the same way you would if you were free hand sharpening.  The angle trainer slips underneath the blade to provide that bit of confidence needed in the learning phase.

  • Uses powerful rare earth magnets to securely hold the blade to the trainer at the proper angle.

  • Designed to work with blades that have a 25 degree primary bevel (which is almost all hand plane blades)

  • Has a 29 degree face for honing the secondary bevel.

  • Has a 31 degree face for honing the tertiary bevel.

  • Made of a hard wearing composite material called Swanstone that easily slides on your diamond or water stone.

  • Once you develop your muscle memory you no longer need the angle trainer.

Size: 3/4" wide x 3" long x 1" high.

Customer Reviews

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Alan White

everything I’ve get from Rob Cosman is top-notch. I was curious if this would make my life easier and boy has it ever!
It’s way more consistent than my own hand, pressure and guessing angles.

Royce Achterberg
Great idea, well made.

Very precise &great materials. Will be a very durable tool.

Lawrence Ogle
Getting me where I needed to be

Great training tool! You have to be careful with the very powerful magnets of this training tool as it can snatch your planing blade right out of your hand, just be prepared. They are very strong magnets.

Hugh hawley

Just what I needed ! My idea of 29 degrees and 29 degrees were not very close.

Daniel Stocklin
Great!...But maybe wider??

Love this idea. However for a plane blade, which is what I'm trying to practice freehand, there's too much blade hanging off either side. At least for me I'm having trouble. I think if let's say it was double the width (basically 2 angle trainers sandwiched together) it would be much more stable and give the user more confidence during training. Just a thought. But again, appreciate the product. Thanks Rob.