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Rob Cosman's Premium Shoulder Vise

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A workbench is the most important tool for a hand tool woodworker and vises are the most important accessories for the workbench. Vises securely hold stock to the workbench so the wood can be sawn, planed, or chiseled.

I prefer a shoulder vise to a face vise or a leg vise for holding stock against the face of a bench.  Unlike the other vises, a shoulder vise has no vise mechanisms to interfere with holding the work piece.  Additionally, a shoulder vise, because of its horizontally pivoting jaw, can securely grip wood with non-parallel faces. 

Commercially available shoulder vises typically have vertical play in the vise jaw that forces your board to move up or down against the bench face as you tighten the vise.  Working with a local machinist we designed a mechanism that eliminates this vertical play and properly seats the stock with zero movement. 

This is the shoulder vise I personally use and now you can too! Here is why you will love this vise:

  • Precision machined from high grade brass and steel in Ontario, Canada.

  • Has a double start, Acme threaded steel rod, that travels two - three times faster than other vises.  Just two revolutions of the handle moves the vise 1 inch !

  • A 1-1/2 inch diameter polished threaded rod moves through a 3 inch long, 2 inch diameter, self lubricating, solid brass nut silky smooth.

  • The long brass nut and and hefty threaded rod eliminates vise droop.

  • The knuckle flange is 3" in diameter to securely hold the wooden jaw.

  • The "T" handle Is made for a 1 inch handle you custom make.

  • Overall length is 13 inches

  • Clamping capacity is 5-1/4 inches.  

This is the style of vise used by most European Hand tool  craftsman.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
David Mann
Really nice

Still building the bench, but looks and feels great.

Michael Erkkinen
Shoulder vise screw

Excellent - feel free to use me as a reference. The screw is top knotch, as is the service!

Richard Sutliff
Shoulder vice

Building vice now. Screw looks to be really gooodd.

Jesse Kayne
Expensive but worth it

Ready to take your work holding to the next level? Then you need this vice. It is unlike any other vises on the market. The ultra-high quality stainless steel is precision machined to give extremely tight tolerance. If your work piece slips, it doesn't matter how good you or your saw is. In my opinion, I could not get the results that I strive for without this essential tool. If quality is paramount in your wood adventures, pony up the dough and solve your work holding once and for all! Worth every penny! Thanks Rob & co!

Lots of hype. Not worth it.

The knuckle constantly wants to walk off the shaft, tried it in a number of ways. Tried to fine tune the position. It all has way too much slop. For $500 it should just work no fiddling no adjustments. Unacceptable.