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Rob Cosman's Ultimate Chisel Roll

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Determined to design a better chisel roll, we created the ultimate chisel roll. Our chisel roll securely holds up to 11 chisels inside with rust inhibiting material and prevents them from falling out no matter how you carry it.  The roll material is made by sandwiching a layer of Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) material between a tough outer Cordura nylon layer and an inner cotton lining.

The VCI material helps protect your premium chisels from rust.  We tested our chisel roll by leaving a set of rolled up IBC chisels outside in the humid coastal environment of Florida.  After 30 days we opened it up and there was no rust on the chisels.   

The chisel pockets are alternately spaced on opposing sides of the roll so that when you roll it up, it remains even and not lopsided.  In the area where the chisel cutting edges rest, we have sewn in a 3-inch strip of military specification grade webbing to protect the sharpest chisel from cutting the material.

The top and bottom security flaps fold over the chisels and are secured with velcro.  The left and right security flaps fold in and are held in place when you roll everything up and secure it with the 1-inch wide 18-inch long strap held in place with velcro.

Product Details:

  • Interior size:  19-1/2 inches long x 12 inches wide.
  • Number of chisel pouches: 11
  • Chisel Pouch Sizes: 3-inches wide x 4-inches  deep
  • Exterior Material: Cordura nylon
  • Interior Material: Cotton lining
  • Inside Sandwiched Material: Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI)
  • Webbing: 3-inch wide military specification nylon webbing.
  • Wrap strap: 1 inch wide x 18 inches long with pull tab 
  • Made in USA

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    David Vandereedt
    Chisel Roll

    Awesome way to protect your chisels from the elements. Well made and should hold up for many years,


    Love this. I purchased 2 Ither chisel rolls that couldn't really be secured because they were too short for basic Narex chisels. This one is incredible, and can secure them with ease. I've had, on multiple occasions, chisels sneak through an opening in the top of the old ones. This also holds as many as the 2 other combined. If you have problems with other rolls not being long enough, and 13-14 has never worked well for me, you won't be disappointed by how secure this one is.

    Old style received

    I thought I was ordering the chisel roll shown on the website … the ultimate chisel roll. I was disappointed to receive an old style chisel roll.

    Norman Latini
    Premium Chisel Roll

    First ‘Active Rust Inhibitor’ C-Roll I’ve seen.. for the price of one chisel all 11 are protected.. Robust & well crafted.. but, purchased for what I can’t see .. may buy another…

    Charles Abell
    You can’t have enough pockets.

    So far great, every thing fits with room for more.