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Rob Cosman's Drawer Dovetail Marker

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Marking your dovetail pins and tails can be a laborious task if you do not have a well designed marker. My Dovetail Drawer  Marker is specially designed for marking out dovetails in drawer construction.  My marker enables you to quickly, accurately, and repeatably layout your tails when making drawers.

  • Made from a solid piece of wood, it fits and feels great in your hand.

  • Has 1:6 and 90 degree vertical faces and a 90 degree horizontal face.

  • Allows you to lay out your tail angles and their associated straight cut needed when making drawers without re-positioning the marker.

  • No need to switch markers when laying out drawer dovetails.

  • Shipping box doubles as a handy storage container to keep it from getting beat up in your tool box.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Brad E. Oren, MD
Necessary Item for hand cut dovetails

What else is there to say? Very useful as it has drawer dovetail marker on one side and 90 degree on the other. Well finished wooden marker. Downsides? Difficult to remove from shipping (storing?) tube. May be necessary to have a very tight fit to protect against damage in shipping, but I could barely get it out of the shipping tube, and I can’t get it back in (assuming that’s where you should store it. Overall, superb. Good product, fair price. Don’t see that too often these days. Try Rob’s dovetail saw, fret saw, grip tape and Shawn Shim, and you’ll be an expert in no time!

Tony Payne

As with all of Robs products this is another quality one. Attention to detail is exceptional.

Michael Kerins
Best I’ve Found

I have tried several different types of dovetail guides and this one is the simplest and best for what I intend for it., sawing straight lines.

Aaron M Bazor
Accurate and nice feel

Accurate and easy to use across the top and down the sides for dovetails.

Drawer dovetail marker

This small but effective device has helped me improve the quality and ease of the drawers I’ve built. Wish I would have had one years ago.