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Rob Cosman's Dovetail Marking Knife Plus 3/4 Saw Tooth Blade

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For over thirty years one of my most trusted dovetail tools has been my old red marking knife.  Taking the best of my old marking knife and adding some improvements, we have created the best knife for transferring tails to your pin board.  I think you will find this knife to be your missing link for transferring your tails to the pin board and cutting perfectly mating pins.

  • The knife body is made of metal and is surprisingly hefty

  • Two piece body with space to store a second blade.

  • The rectangular handle will register in your hand to help you “feel” the blade's position.

  • Comes with our Marking Knife Blade and our 3/4 Saw Tooth Blade.

  • .Replacement blades available.

Straight Marking Knife Blade:

  • This straight blade is designed for tracing tails onto the pin-board using traditional marking techniques.

  • Radius tip “track’s” in the end grain.

  • Wide at the blade tip for better registration against the tail.

3/4 Saw-Tooth Blade:
  • Designed specifically for use with my dovetail transfer technique.

  • Made of the same blade material as my 3/4 Dovetail Saw, .019 inch thick kerf.

  • 3/4 Saw Tooth Blade has 22 TPI so it fits into the kerf easily.
  • Allows you to "saw" a starting kerf in the pin-board.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
David Powell
3/4 blade too loose

Since the 3/4 blade is thinner, out of the box it does not fit securely in the handle. A couple of pieces of blue tape on either side of blade firmed it up. This may be the issue a previous reviewer had. It may be worthwhile to add the tape to the blade prior to sale.

Heidi Joos
cosman tools

good, but am still working on practice cuts. not up to the full production yet.,

Ahmad Buhazzaa
a must for precise dovetailing

The knife is heavy which makes it very steady in hand and well built for accurate cutting or marking.
It's a bit pricey for average people with limited income however, for me it's good price because I live in Qatar and all Qatari people are filthy rich.
I have a mail forwarding firm called MYUS located in Florida and they forward to me all orders from USA or Canada.
I love woodworking and enjoy tools from veritas and RC alike

Anthony Longobardo

The tools are both perfect

Nicholas Martino
Better than expected!

This marking knife has far surpassed my expectations.