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Rob Cosman's Hand Saw: Rip Cut

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Designed specifically to cut dry, furniture-grade, soft and hardwoods, our hand saws are made from hefty .035 inch thick, durable SK85 spring steel that has a Rockwell hardness between 55-60The thick saw plate makes our hand saws quite stiff which provides for easy and kink-free sawing and the steel retains its edge longer than other varieties, but still easily hand sharpened. 

The teeth are cut using a CNC diamond saw, filed rip with 7 teeth per inch (TPI), and have a minimal .003 inch set per side. This makes for a highly consistent and sharp tooth line that slices cleanly and precisely through long-grain wood fibers while the minimal set keeps the saw laser straight in the cut.  

Our closed handle design harkens back to the Disston D-7 saws of yesteryear, but with our own unique modifications. Our handles have memory enhancing carved finger recesses for a perfect and repeatable fit.

Four brass split nuts and bolts secure the handle to the blade at a hang angle of 16 degrees which keeps your wrist aligned with your forearm for better and more comfortable body mechanics while sawing.  We make our handles from ebony Swanstone, a resin-composite material reinforced for durability and weight.   

Product Details:

  • Size. Overall length (toe to handle horn tip): 26-1/4 inches.  Blade length (toe to heel): 22-3/16 inches. 

  • Saw Plate Depth:  2-1/4 inches at the toe skewing to 5-1/4 inches at the heel. 

  • Weight: 750 grams (26.5 oz). 

  • Saw Plate  Made from .035 thick, SK85 spring steel.

  • Tooth Geometry. Filed rip cut at 7 teeth per inch (TPI).  Rake angle = 5 degrees.  Fleam angle =  0 degrees.

  • Set.  Minimal set of .003 inch each side of the saw plate which produces a .041 inch wide saw kerf.

  • Handle. Closed handle with finger recesses.  Made from ebony Swanstone, a resin-composite material reinforced for durability.  

  • Hang Angle: 16 degrees.
  • Handle Size & Determining your Size: Our handles come in two sizes: Regular and Large.  Please refer to the picture above showing how to measure your hand and determine what size handle is correct for you size hand.

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews


Marc Boustany
A beautiful and great working saw

Big jump up from an Amazon special spear & Jackson rip saw. Rob’s saw cuts straight and sharp out of the box.

Steven Parr

Finally I’ve been wanting one for awhile and it is what I need. Perfect size and handles nicely

George Barnes
Beautiful cuts.

I bought both a rip and a crosscut and it was a great decision. Both saws perform better than I expected and made for little work cleaning up with a plane even in Tiger maple. I'm looking forward to trying some of your joinery saws.

Kim Poehnell
Hand saw rip and cut

Have not had a chance to use them.
I'm sure they are perfect.