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Rob Cosman's Kerf X-10: Regular Size

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Back in the summer of 1987 master craftsman Tage Frid showed me his ingenious method of finishing the saw cuts on the pinboard of a half-blind dovetail joint.   I couldn't believe how well and fast his method worked - it was like magic! Neil, a student from South Africa, suggested I make Tage's idea into a tool.  That inspired my Kerf X-10 (extend the saw cut - get it?).  If you cut half-blind dovetails you will love this tool!

  • Kerf X-10: Regular size works with our dovetail saw.  
  • Kerf X-10: Regular size completes the saw cut in half-blind dovetails.

  • Waste removal is faster than paring and more accurate.

  • Works in soft and hardwoods.

  • The Kerf X-10: Regular size works in saws kerfs in the .024 inch to .026 inch width range, such as our regular dovetail saw.

  • Handle is made of Cherry.

  • Blade is affixed to the ¼ inch x ¾ inch brass back with peened copper pins.

  • Brass back has a  1-1/2 inch x ¼ inch x ¼ inch tenon epoxied into the handle.

  • Working edge of the blade is squared to the sides and ready for use.

  • Overall length is 7 inch, blade length 2 ¾ inch, depth ¾ inch.

Customer Reviews

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Tim Beach, USAF (Ret)

Received my Kerf-X 10 just 3 days after inguinal hernia surgery and was unable to use either one for about 15 days. But after my post op appointment and showing my surgeon what Half Blind and Through Dovetails were, he had no problems with me cutting dovetails by hand. This simple in design and function tool has the typical Rob Cosman quality and has taken away the anxiety of making half blind dovetails. Thanks Rob and to all of your staff.

Chris Bellamy
Kerf X-10

I recently received my kerf X-10 tool along with a second marking knife (wanted to have one with knife and one with a saw blade). Haven't used the Kerf X-10 yet, but fit and finish are high quality. Shipment came early and as always, communication was excellent.

The marking knife/ saw are also great! I really appreciate the heft of this tool. It's solid and substantial. Really helps with the marking process.

As always, excellent Job Mr. Cosman and staff!

Ron Bingham
Typically awesome Cosman tool.

Awesome, I am a beginner and find this solves a problem that has been stopping me doing this joint, thanks again,
Regards Cosmanaught Ron Bingham 😀

Carl Falk
Great tool

What a time saves, excellent quantity

Nice solution

This will seem picky but from someone who really enjoys and values my tools I only have one comment. I still gave this tool 5 stars because it works and functions extremely well. For the cost of this tool the wood material for the handle selection was just ok and could be better. My handle had a visible knot in the middle which is disappointing.