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Rob Cosman's Kerf X-10 (Seconds)

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We make hundreds of Rob Cosman's Kerf X-10 and even though we are really good at it, sometimes things happen.  Every now and then we create a cosmetic blemish that does not affect the proper functioning of the Kerf X-10, but we cannot sell it as one of our high quality firsts.

This can be great news to you!  It's a way to purchase a Rob Cosman Kerf X-10 at a discount.  

We don't have many of these but when we do make a cosmetic mistake we put them up here for sale.   The pictures on this page are representative of the typical flaws that make a Kerf X-10 second.

If we are out of stock, just keep checking back, maybe there is a blemished Kerf X-10 in your future!!

Please see Rob Cosman's Kerf X-10 product page for all the details about this type tool.


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    Robert L. Pisha
    Cosman tools

    Every tool that I have purchased from Rob Cosman is very high quality and works exactly how he has advertised. It helps me to make better dovetails than I could with other tools. Thanks for quality tools and customer service.

    James Leach
    Amazing tool!!

    Well made and works like a charm! Thanks for making these.

    Chad Seal
    Well made and works beautifully

    This tool is very well made and works like a dream. I’m not exactly sure why it was being sold as a second because of the excellent quality of the one I received, but I’m glad it was because the discounted price gave me the push to buy it after considering it for months. My only regret is not buying it much sooner.

    Scott Moore
    Where’s the defect?

    I guess this being a second is a testament to the level of perfection Rob seeks in his design and manufacture of his ideas because I can’t find the defect. I think I know what it is but I could be wrong.

    As to the kerf x-10, I remember seeing a guy either from Lie Nielsen or Fine Woodworking a long time ago using a card scraper to sever the fibers along the pinboard. Sadly that article or video was forgotten and a few years ago when this came out I had a lightbulb moment when I remembered seeing that and thinking about how much time that would likely save.

    Then I watched Rob’s video and was really impressed with the Kerf x-10. It combined that idea with the unique head shape while adding a handle for comfort. I had to have one but with how infrequently I do half blind dovetails I couldn’t pull the trigger. Than I saw they had some seconds and took the plunge.

    Since receiving it I have done 4 draws with they turned out as by best ones yet. The Kerf x-10 plus the tip about using the clamp from the video to support the half pins really made these much easier to chop.

    I have bought the Shaw shim and 3/4 blade sawblade knife among other things and really appreciate that Rob is kind of the only person out their still trying to invent and innovate in the hand tool world. The thoroughness shows too in how detailed his how to videos are and the level of detail of his products.

    Chris Coteff

    Made a few blind dovetails and with the addition of the X10 they turned out quickly and accurately.