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Rob Cosman's Mallet - Regular

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I prefer a carver’s style mallet for chisel work.  With properly sharpened chisels, a medium weight mallet does the job without excessive fatigue to the craftsman. 

Early mallets I owned had smooth lacquered handles that had to be held tightly to prevent them from slipping.  A long day of chopping mortises or dovetails would leave my hand and wrist sore.  My solution was to tape the handle with sports tape like a hockey stick.  This allows me to use a relaxed grip with a lot less fatigue. 

We use resin impregnated maple heads, making for a very tough head that will give you years of use.  I think you will be pleasantly surprised at how comfortable my mallet is over the course of a long day in the shop.

  • Resin impregnated Maple heads.

  • The handle is inserted through the head, and is glued and screwed in place with two #12 by 1-1/2" coarse threaded screws that straddle the joint line.

  • The regular mallet head is 4 inches long. The resin impregnated maple head is turned on a lathe until it meets our desired weight standards; thus, the diameter measurement can vary slightly from mallet to mallet.  

  •  The overall length of the regular mallet with the handle attached is 9-1/2 inches long.

  • The overall weight of the regular mallet with handle is between 350 (12.3 oz) and 400 grams (14.1 oz)
  • Handle shape and hockey grip tape make it comfortable to hold with a relaxed grip.  We tape the handle for you.

  • Slight taper of the head improves the striking angle of the head.

Customer Reviews

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David Mertes - Cloverwood Design Co.
Yet another quality tool!

Can I just copy and paste from my reviews of my previous purchases? The mallet is a solid and quite dense high quality piece of work! I’m so pleased with the design and craftsmanship.

George van der Merwede
Excellent mallet

Well balanced and perfect weight. The taped grip makes it easy to hold and control. Absolutely no regrets with this purchase.

anthony melendez
Mallet regular

Everything about this mallet is impeccable. You will not go wrong purchasing this product. I highly recommend it.

Joe Greenlaw
Mallet regular

I love it. It is beautifully finished and very practical to use. It lays well in my bench’s tool tray and also sets on end on the bench when in use.

Richard Schweim
great mallet

As it is with all the products i have purchased from the cosman company, it is the best that i have used. Great heft for it's size, the hockey tape wrap makes for a sure grip.