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Rob Cosman's Marking Gauge

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The second most important tool in cutting dovetails is your marking gauge.  The gauge line becomes part of the finished joint.  Here is why I think my marking gauge will help you cut better dovetails:

  • The blade comes to you sharpened; designed to sever the wood fibers not crush them, leaving a crisp gauge line.

  • The blade is fixed in use but can be rotated to a sharper area when it gets dull.  You can do this several times before having to resharpen.

  • Has a flat section on the brass head preventing the gauge from rolling off of your bench.

  • The face of the head is dead flat, making for precise work.

  • Has a large knurled locking knob that is easy to tighten.

  • Comes standard with the 1/2" diameter cutter head.  

  • Extra cutter heads available in 3/8", 7/16", and 5/8" diameters.

  • Click HERE to go to the marking gauge cutter head product page.

  • The handle is crafted form the same Ebony Swanstone composite material as our saw handles. 

  • Other species of wood handled marking gauges are occasionally available in limited manufacturing runs.  You can see these limited edition marking gauges by clicking HERE. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 63 reviews
Ralph Sutton

Great marking gauge. Solid in the hand and easy to adjust and use.

Trevor Decker
Great making gauge,a little pricey

Much more comfortable than the Cosmanized Woodeiver, to use. But not worth the extra cost. Only bought it due to sale and free shipping, to try it out.

Michael Zacher
Beautiful Gauge

This tool is impressive as soon as it comes out of the tube. The cutter is extremely sharp and the rod slides with minimal friction. This marking gauge is a pleasure to use.

Michael Aubin
Feels Great

Love the weight and the feel in the hand! Cutter is sharp and leaves a nice gauge line in the wood. Sweet!!!

Marking gauge excellent overall but slightly disappointed that the cutter was loose.

My overall experience of the Rob Cosman Marking Gauge is excellent. My only issue was that I expected it to be usable straight from the “off” but found the cutter was loose when marking wood a couple of days after receiving it in the post. Once I managed to find the correct tool to tighten it, it was fine.