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Rob Cosman's Mitered Shooting Board

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If you do flat miter work then you know how difficult it can be to join two miters and get a perfect 90 degree right angle.  My mitered shooting board enables you to create perfect 45 degree miters for that perfect 90 degree joint.  Here is why my mitered shooting board works so well: 

  • Made with an MDF base and a Baltic Birch plywood top for stability and long wearing properties.

  • Formed over a slightly curved mold; the board has a subtle cup on the underside, this keeps the plane standing plumb.

  • Fence and cleat are made from abuse-resistant and tough tropical hardwood.

  • Fence glued and screwed to stay secure and at a perfect 45 degrees to the plane.

  • Fence does not extend across the entire width of board allowing you to grasp both edges of your stock as it extends past the fence giving you positive control of the stock feed rate into the plane.
  • 180 grit emory cloth is adhered to the fence to keep your stock from slipping during the cut.
  • A small rabbet is cut in the Baltic birch to prevent the blade from cutting the shooting board.

  • The fence is positioned several inches from the forward edge to keep the plane running straight after cutting your stock.

  • Available in left and right hand models.

If you prefer to buy rather than build, let us send you one that is ready to use.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Arthur Moll
Mitered Shooting Board

Nothing disappoints. that comes from Rob. He and his group at top of the heap. Love the shooting boards I have a couple. Perfect build!!!

Marc Gaudette
Left-Handed Mitered Shooting Board

Fantastic. The board is well made and offers a level of precision for fine tuning miters that I desperately needed. Nice product!

Tim Beach
Miter Shooting Board

I like it. Right size and as easy to use as my 90° shooting board. My WoodRiver 5-1/2 glides nice and smooth with little effort.

Zack Bolton
Great shooting board

Design is great, build quality is great, materials are premium, cutting fence is dead on, board has a slight cup underneath as designed, but it sits flat on my bench. Great shooting board

JT - Bailey, CO
EXCELLENT - Shooting Board(s)

I purchased both 90 & 45 degree shooting boards. Both are excellent quality - very well finished - cuts are dead on target. Don't right reviews hardly but impressed with these! Definitely worth the purchase.