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Rob Cosman's Plane AdjuSTAR 2.0: Vintage Stanley & Record Version

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Do you find that using your vintage Stanley or Record plane's adjusting knob is a bit difficult? Well we did and decided to fix that by creating our Plane AdjuSTAR 2.0 adjusting knob to replace the original adjusting knob on most vintage Stanley and Record Planes.

All of our AdjuSTARS are threaded with LEFT HAND threads, which fit the vast majority of vintage planes; however, Stanley and Record did make right hand threaded planes, which our adjuSTARS will not fit on.  You can tell if your vintage plane has a left hand thread if you remove your adjuster knob and then reinstall it.  If it threads on when turning in a counterclockwise motion you have a left hand threaded plane. 

Stanley and Record made tens of thousands of planes and the standards of production varies between planes depending on when and where they were manufactured.   In particular, the threads on the adjusting knob rods are quite coarse and sloppy and have a lot of variability.   With the help of our customers we have tested our AdjuSTAR 2.0 on hundreds of Stanley and Record planes and they fit about 98% of the time.

Our Plane AdjuSTAR 2.0 is larger and much easier to use than the original adjusting knob allowing you to make adjustments to your blade depth setting easily.  Our design makes it easier for you to reach and turn the adjuster with your fingers and easier for you to reach the frog adjustment screw with a screwdriver. We know you will love our Plane AdjuSTAR 2.0


  • Made of forged bronze.
  • Designed to fit vintage Stanley and Record LEFT HAND threaded bench planes numbers 4, 4-1/2, 5, 5-1/2, 6, 7, and 8.  
  • WILL NOT FIT any RIGHT HAND threaded planes, nor Stanley or Record left hand threaded bench planes numbers 1, 2, 3 or 5-1/4. 
    • Does not fit the new Stanley Sweetheart line of planes.
    • Diameter: 1-7/8 inch outside diameter.



    Customer Reviews

    Based on 143 reviews
    jim morgan
    Great, but...

    this is a great upgrade for a plane. however, i did have problems with it that are common according to the reviews. i have a stanley bailey #5 and the ribs on the bottom of the frog hit the adjustar on the way back. i could not extend the blade to a useable length. i filed off the ribs a considerable amount and it works fine. but for the expense i would have expected a better fit. nonetheless, this is a great tool part! recommend even if you have to modify your plane.

    James E Conley Jr
    No Brainer

    With hands that are beat up, to be able to easily advance the blade mid stroke is a dream come true. Such a simple mod that is utterly genius.


    Big but it spins with just a finger. Bought another one already. 👍

    Mike Herzog
    AdjuSTAR 2.0 / Stanley

    Nice upgrade, easy to install, works to help fine tune blade depth with my stiff fingers.


    I absolutely love the way this product makes it easier to adjust plane blade depth on the fly with my arthritic fingers. I have placed them on all available planes that I own.