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Rob Cosman's Dovetail Saw: Regular Size (Seconds)

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We make hundreds of dovetail saws and even though we are really good at it, sometimes things happen.  Every now and then we create a cosmetic blemish that does not affect the proper functioning of the saw, but we cannot sell it as one of our high quality saw "Firsts"

This can be great news to you!  Its a way to purchase a Rob Cosman Dovetail saw at a discount.  

We don't have many of these but when we do make a cosmetic mistake we put them up here for sale.   The pictures on this page are representative of the typical flaws that make a saw a second.

If we are out of stock, just keep checking back, maybe there is a blemished saw in your future!!

Please see Rob Cosman's Dovetail Saw product page for all the details about the saw.


Customer Reviews

Based on 49 reviews
Rémy Vallières
Just perfect

Bought this saw 2 weeks ago and the only thing I found to call it a seconds is a little scratch on the handle! Really happy and this saw works so well with the 22 tpi to start the cut! Just buy one!!

Robert Sabo
Solid control

Feels first class in your hand. The variable TPI is sweet.

Esther Nicholson

Couldn't find the flaw in the saw, great value, very happy with it!

Stephen Farris
Dovetail Saw “Second” arrives quickly and safely

I had to look very carefully even to determine what made my dovetail saw a “second.” I think it was a slight discolouration of a finger tip size patch on the plate. Certainly it was nothing that affected the shape or function of the blade. It cuts beautifully. Many thanks!

Alex Kwader
Dovetail saw

Best saw I’ve ever used. Maybe one of the best tools I’ve ever used, maybe second to Spruce chisels.
It cuts dovetails like a dream, and I make plenty of them. I bought this one as a backup, since I couldn’t be w/o one while out for sharpening.