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Rob Cosman's Shooting Board: 24 inches

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In my shop the shooting board is standard equipment.  Once you learn to sharpen and use a hand plane, a good shooting board will do more to increase the accuracy of your work than any other tool or shop implement.  Here is why mine works so well:

  • Made with an MDF base and a Baltic Birch plywood top for stability and long wearing properties.

  • Formed over a curved mold, the board has a subtle cup on the underside, this keeps the plane standing plumb.

  • Fence and cleat made from abuse-resistant and tough tropical hardwood.

  • Fence glued and screwed to stay secure and square.

  • Rabbet cut in Baltic birch to prevent plane from cutting shooting board.

  • Fence positioned several inches from the rear to keep plane running straight.

  • Available in left and right hand models.

  • Available in two sizes, 24" x 12" and 18" by 12".

If you prefer to buy rather than build, let us send you one that is ready to use.

Customer Reviews

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Wiley Swain

love the quality of the product.

tools ,tools,tools

shooting board, ,marking knife, dovetail saw, shawn shim. Couple that with Rob's
videos and your on the way to upping the quality of your work by 70%. For me it helped eliminating a lot of stress when finishing the drawers of a quality project
Thank You ROB

Stephen SZczubelek
Thrilled with My Shooting Board from Rob Kossman’s Woodworking Store!

I recently purchased a shooting board from Rob Kossman’s Woodworking Store, and I must say, it’s an absolute delight to use! The craftsmanship of this product is exceptional – it’s not just a tool, it’s a work of art. The ease of use and precision it offers is unmatched; producing shavings that are unbelievably thinner than paper is immensely satisfying. My workshop is now a testament to its efficiency, with delicate shavings scattered everywhere.

Even when I’m not working on a specific project, I find myself gravitating towards squaring up boards, just to enjoy the smooth, calming sound and the flawless operation of the board. The quality is evident in every detail: it’s perfectly square, beautifully finished, and despite its simplicity, it’s absolutely perfect.

Beyond its functional excellence, this shooting board has brought an unexpected joy into our family. My daughter, who struggles with anxiety, has found a therapeutic solace in using it. Watching the shavings fall and feeling the smooth glide of the board has been a calming experience for her.

Thank you, Rob Kossman’s Woodworking Store, for creating a product of such superb quality and finesse. This isn’t just a purchase; it’s an investment in quality and joy. I look forward to many more hours of peaceful woodworking with this fantastic tool.

Bhupendra Patel
Cosman shooting board 24”

I didn’t use yet.
I have smaller version from Cosman. I am using that all the time and I love it. This is for my next project. I am retired and making small projects for my grandchildren.

Great shop upgrade

Very well made. Happy with my purchase.