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Rob Cosman's Premium Wagon Vise

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A workbench is the most important tool for a hand tool woodworker and vises are the most important accessories for the workbench. Vises securely hold stock to the workbench so the wood can be sawn, planed, or chiseled.

I prefer a wagon vise to a tail or end vise for holding stock down on the bench for planing.  Unlike the other vises, a wagon vise positions the entire piece of wood on the table surface; nothing is hanging off the end.  I also find a wagon vise is faster and easier to use than a tail or end vise.

Not satisfied with the commercially available wagon vises I teamed up with a local machinist and we designed a professional, high quality wagon vise.  This is the wagon vise I personally use and now you can too! Here is why you will love this vise:

  • Precision machined from high grade brass and steel in Ontario, Canada.

  • Has a double start, Acme threaded steel rod, that travels two - three times faster than other vises.  Just two revolutions of the handle moves the vise 1 inch !

  • A 1-1/2 inch diameter polished threaded rod moves through a 3 inch long, 2 inch diameter, self lubricating, solid brass nut silky smooth.

  • The knuckle flange is 1-13/16" wide x 3" long to securely hold the travel block of the vise.

  • The "T" handle Is made for a 1 inch handle you custom make.

  • Overall length is 13 inches

  • Clamping capacity is 5-1/4 inches.

Customer Reviews

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Jeff Shanab
A work of art

From a former tool and die maker, this hardware is a real work of art. I think it deserves some kind of nano particle protection on the threads for the dry environment it will live in.

tim stratton
Excellent but...

The product is first class. Heavy duty, and very simple.

It could use some instructions or maybe "guidelines" for installing based upon some actual measurements... I realize everyone's bench will vary, but giving specific measurements would help dummies like me.

Providing a handle. I cannot stress this enough. There is no reason what so ever that this should not ship with a handle. I don't even know what the diameter is (I haven't got that far to measure with my callipers yet)... and without a lathe it's unclear how you would make one.

The kit comes with two rubber washers/gaskets... I've no idea what they are for... maybe they are bumpers for the handle?

It's an amazing vice, 10/10 recommend. Some improvements could be done.

Barry Doxsey
Now the creation.

From these magnificent vise screws, I now have to make the bench! Top quality, well machined parts.

That's the best.

Very solid and very well made, looks beautiful. It's expensive but you can have it and enjoy it for the rest of your life. I don't think there is a better hardware than this.


It doesn't seem to have left Canada yet! Canada post got it almost 4 weeks ago. I'm sure it will be great when it arrives