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Rob Cosman's Wood-Hinge Drill Kit (Imperial)

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Master craftsman Dale Nish taught me how to make an amazing wood-hinge for boxes.  A wooden dowel is cut into segments, a shallow hole is drilled in the center of each dowel and a small pin is inserted into the hole for the dowel segments to pivot on.

I've made thousands of boxes using this style of hinge and I have designed four drill jigs to precisely drill the hole in the center of dowel segments (the most difficult task).  These jigs are available as a complete kit or as individual drill jigs.  

Wood-Hinge Drill Kit (Imperial) Without Rods: 

  • My imperial sized kit allows you to drill 1/16 inch and 1/8 inch size holes in 1/4 inch,  1/2 inch, 3/8 inch, and 3/4 inch diameter dowels.
  • Kit includes 1/16 inch and 1/8 inch drill bit holders; 1/4 inch, 3/8 inch, 1/2 inch, and 3/4 inch drill jigs; 1/16 inch and 1/8 inch drill bits; and a 1/16 inch Allen wrench.

  • 1/16 inch drill bit is used with 1/4 inch and 3/8 inch diameter dowels.

  • 1/8 inch drill bit is used for the 1/2 inch and 3/4 inch diameter dowels.

  • Opposing set screws hold the drill bit securely and allow for adjustment of the hole depth.

  • Rod kits are available for separate purchase. 

  • You may also like to purchase a copy of my video "Wood-Hinge Box" which shows you step-by-step how to build a wood-hinge box and use my drill jigs to create a wood-hinge.  



Customer Reviews

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Mark Watson
Works flawlessly

This tool makes making a wooden hinge simple.

Exceeded Expectations

It exceeded my expectations in every aspect. The product not only lived up to its advertised claims but surpassed them. The tolerances are spot-on, and the overall construction is of top-notch quality. It truly reflects the high standards one would expect from Rob Cosman. The added bonus of receiving a call from Rob personally to convey his appreciation adds a special touch to the entire experience.

Excellent tool

Fantastic product - center drilling the dowels for hinges is difficult, but this tool set makes it a breeze. If you plan on making a few of these boxes I'd recommend investing in this set.

James Taylor

Thanks 🤓 I just finished a small practice box ? And a couple test pieces. Turned out pretty good. Really like your videos! I've learned so much from them. Plus what you do for the veterans is amazing! Thanks for all your family does!

Chris Gipson
Great Customer Service

My experience was great! I have not used the kit yet but hopefully this weekend I can. I was surprised that Rob Cosman called me personally to thank me for doing briskness with him. That was very impressive and appreciated it a lot.
I will be buying again from them!