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Robertson Drive Bit: #2, 2 inches

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Although the terms "square drive" and "Robertson drive" are often treated as the same, there is a big difference - Robertson drives and Robertson screws have a slight taper to the square recess and a square drive and screw does not.

Robertson drives were invented by Canadian Peter Robertson around 1906 and are very popular and common in Canada, but not so much elsewhere.   

The advantage of using a Robertson drive with a Robertson screw is that the screw will "cling" to the driver, allowing one handed driving and virtually eliminating slippage common with drives such as Phillips drives.

These #2 Robertson drive bits fit our Rob Cosman screws with their duo Quadrex heads perfectly.  While a #2 square drive will also work, it doesn't fit the screw head perfectly like a Robertson and will not give you the "cling" feature.

We highly recommend you use Robertson Drives with our Rob Cosman screws.


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Robertson Drives

    Wonderful. The tips are hardened and are quite durable

    Art Staden
    Robertson rocks

    I bought this bit, various Robertson screw drivers, and a lot of Robertson screws, betting on Rob's opinion that they are superior to Philips head screws. I've used them on my first project, a tool cabinet for my planes and other hand tools, somewhat like Rob's in the background of all his videos. I like the Robertson screws and drivers very much. I've always been frustrated with Philips head screws, as they strip easily and fall off the driver at inconvenient times. I'm finding the Robertson screws fix both of those problems, and they look nicer too.

    Ahmad Buhazzaa

    These bits works super with the dedicated screws which I bought together but they don't fit Kreg pocket
    hole screws. They tend to fall down and have no firm grip

    James Dietrich
    Smarter not harder

    Great screws and drivers- I wish I had discovered these years ago. I have lost count of the number of times I have dropped a screw from my drill driver or even the screwdriver, up on a ladder or at my bench. These screws eliminate that problem. See Robs Demo with the screws on YouTube. I tried it myself because I really didn’t believe they would stay on the driver that well. I will only be using these types of screws from now on. James Dietrich.