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Sandflex Hand Blocks - Medium

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These are awesome metal tool cleaning and polishing blocks. I always have a few around the shop.  Their uses are endless but I mainly use them like an eraser to clean off surface tarnish and light rust from my planes, chisels, and other metal tools. 

They are made of a semi flexible rubber compound with silicon carbide abrasive grits impregnated throughout the entire block.  I prefer the Medium grit (green) for most of my tool cleaning chores.

  • Available in three grits - Fine, medium, and coarse.

  • Each block measures 3-1/4" long x 2" wide x 3/4" thick. 

  • Made in Germany.

  • You can "carve" the block into any shape to clean up a concave or convex surface

  • As you use it new grits are exposed - it never dulls!

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
jacqueline g.
How I’ve cleaned the blades of my Felco pruners for 30 years.

I usually use the fine block to clean plant discoloration on my Felco blades. It takes minutes and then they’re ready to hone. Because the blocks are rubberized they have give so are easy on one’s hands. I love buying from a small business. Rob’s price is very good and his service/information is genuine. What a treat!


Saw this product on one of Rob's videos and figured I'd give it try as I don't have a climate controlled shop and live in the southern US. Works wonders on my tools to get the surface rust off my tools and keeps the surface looking original.

Victor Olsen

Thanks to you l put together a system l can sharpen a no 7 plane l bought 30 yrs ago l could never figure out sharpening from a book ant u tube great thanks vic

Michael Delvoye
Sanding block & plane sacks

Everything is working great.

Gordon Patnude

works as described and does not wear excessively during use