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Shapton Diamond Lapping Plate

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For those who are looking for the ultimate in a lapping plate, and are willing to pay the cost, then the Shapton Diamond Lapping Plate is what you need.  It has a unique substrate unlike other lapping plates with bases of plastic or steel, and has an incredibly flat surface.  It is guaranteed flat to within +/- 5 micron and works on all water and ceramic stones. No other flattening stone is measured in microns.  This lapping plate will gain you an extra 3 or 4 percent in performance over the Trend Diamond Stone.  

  • 3" wide x 10" long.

  • Made by embedding diamonds in float glass with a coating of nickel.

  • The Shapton Lapping Plate will flatten all water, oil, and ceramic stones.

  • Not recommended for use on stones coarser than 500 grit.

  • Will not rust



Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
james scheid
lapping plate

very nice plate

Got my money's worth

This is definitely worth the money. It's truly flat and works fast at flattening Shapton HR Glass Stones. Buy it. Cry only once. Then be happy forever.

Jameson Peacock

I was using the 300 grit side of the Trend 300/1000 plate to flatten my Shapton stones. After watching Rob’s videos, it was obvious the Shapton Diamond Lapping Plate was superior. When I received it, I drew pencil lines on my 4,000 and 16,000 grit stones. I was amazed at how not flat they were using the 300 grit Trend compared to the Shapton lapping plate. Yes it’s pricey and yes I am comparatively speaking, but wow is it nice to have. I also think it’s easier to actually get a true sharp edge on my LN 5.5 blade. The flattening time in between sharpening is cut in half too. If you’re fussy about your hand tools being sharp, this is an absolute must have.

Lawrence M. Shick
Go flat and stay sharp!

I am grateful to Rob's wisdom of teaching. to learn how to properly sharpen plane blades, chisels, etc. I now know deference. The Right tool for the right job. Using the Shapton diamond lapping plate is fast and smooth. thank you.

Dick Summe
Shapton Diamond Lapping Plate

I Ike it. Seems to be the best product available for the purpose.