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Shapton Sharpening Pond

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The Shapton Sharpening Pond is a heavy duty, glass and rubber "pond" designed to hold traditional water stones in a bath of water as they need to be soaked prior to use.  We prefer the Shapton HR Glass stones over traditional water stones and they do not require soaking in water prior to use; however, we do find the Shapton Sharpening Pond still very useful for containing all of the water used during sharpening to keep your sharpening area clean. Particularly during chisel flattening.

Outside measurements are approximately 15-1/2 inches (390mm) x 12-1/2 inches (320mm), with a height of 2 1/8 inches (52mm).  Inside measurements are 13-1/2 inches (343mm) x 11 inches (280mm) with a height of 7/8 inches (22 mm).

Constructed of two layers of tempered glass housed in a heavy-duty rubber outer casing, it weighs in at a whopping 7 pounds. This weight and the textured surface of the glass which grips the bottom of the stone holder ensures your stones do not move anywhere, regardless how vigorously you sharpen your tools.

Customer Reviews

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Highly Functional Addition to the Cosman Sharpening Station

I’ve tried “sticky”, tacky, mats and the all have problems doing what they are advertised to do . . . keep the stones in place while using. And minimizing movement whie sharpening is key in developing adequate muscle memory when trying to achieve excellent and repeatable results. The pond helps. Greatly. It is pricey, but having sharp tools, not working dull are key to achieving stellar results. This is (nearly) a must have item. And as always the customer service is exemplary.

Kevin Elder
Great Upgrade to the Cosman Bench

I built a Cosman bench when I first started woodworking in 2019. Love the bench, but when pounding on the bench, my sharping supplies, including the expensive stones, would vibrate and crawl off the sharping station. I added a lip to the plywood and that helped. But this pond is great. Holds everything tight and secure, and contains the mess. I admit - it's a luxury and not a necessity, but I am very pleased with the quality, the price, Cosman service and shipping. I would certainly recommend it to others, especially those with a Cosman style bench.