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Tajima Tape Measure: GS-Lock 16ft

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Finding a good tape measure is really challenging.  After years of searching, I finally found Tajima tape measures. Tajimia is a high quality Japanese construction tool maker and their tape measures are awesome.

The biggest issue with most tape measures is that little hook on the end.  That hook is suppose to move the exact thickness of the metal it is made out of so it measures the same if you are hooking it on something or butting it up against a something.  Closing the tape measure rapidly bangs the end hook against the body of the tape measure eventually causing the movement to be greater than its suppose to be and creating error in your measurements.  Tajima tape measures are specially designed to prevent this and remain accurate for a lifetime of use. 

  • ABS body with a  shock resistant rubber coating.

  • 16 foot long by 1 inch wide tape.

  • Extra thick steel tape (.006") is stiffer than standard tapes. 

  • Tape coated with advanced Hyper-Acry-Coat.

  • Quadruple riveted end hook.

  • Cushioned end hook return. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Good quality tape measure

seems well build and accurate.

Jay Linser
Tajima Tape Measure

Super nice to use! Feels great in the hand, accurate, retract is smooth, blade lock holds tight and is easy to use.
The only thing I've found so far is the hook guard does a great job of protecting the hook which is very important but doesn't allow it hook onto an edge without pulling it out with your finger. Only reason I gave it a 4 star review. Other that that it's a five

Kent Boys Boys
Always in my apron!

The tape is easy to read and use. It has a durable cover and is a good size to fit in your hand. Use it daily.

Yep, the tape is a good one

Yep, the tape is a good one, though the rivets holding the clip to the tape catches on the work. This means that I have to watch it before I make my mark. My other tapes haven't shown that tendency. I removed the rubber bumper as Rob has done. It fits nicely in the apron pocket.

Wade Jensen
Tape Measure

Works as Rob said it will. Durable with excellent construction and materials. I expect this tape measure to last a long time.