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Rob Cosman's Hand Plane Shooting Grip

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Why spend a lot of money purchasing a speciality shooting board plane when you can easily turn your jack or jointer plane into a high performing shooting plane just like Rob uses?

Our Rob Cosman Hand Plane Shooting Grip, known as "The Grip," easily mounts to the side of most bevel down Jack (#5, #5-1/2, or #6) or Jointer (#7 or #8) planes.  The shape of "The Grip" has been painstakingly shaped to conform to the crotch of your hand giving you next level control on your bench plane when using it on the shooting board.

We have designed "The Grip" for easy mounting and our instructional videos takes you step-by step through the mounting process using either a drill press or a power hand drill.  Use your own 1/8 inch, 1/4 inch , and chamfering drill bits or purchase our inexpensive drill bit kit.

Easily slips on and off your plane in seconds.  Prevents blisters and rubbing your hand raw when shooting with a bench plane.  You will love it - we actually guarantee it!        

Product Details:

  • Made from cast aluminum.

  • Fits most bevel down Jack (#5, #5-1/2, #6) and jointer (#7, #8) bench planes.

  • Requires a 1/4 inch mounting hole to be drilled 3/16 inch deep in the side of your plane.  Easy instructional videos in the picture gallery.

  • Comes in left or right handed versions.
  • Drill bit mounting kit sold separately.


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 71 reviews
    Scott Fereday
    Game changing

    Such an important and impressive upgrade to the shooting setup

    John Parker
    Much more effective than a hot dog

    My last no. 6 plane had a screw hole to thread in a handle. It worked, but not great. It was too tall. The Grip is a much better idea, as it fill your hand nicely but keeps it low to the plane and reduces the chances of tipping it.

    I was a little hesitant at first to drill a hole in my new LN no. 6, but it was absolutely worth it. Right away I was able to shoot a 5" piece of half-inch oak without any difficulty or soreness.

    Mike Gleaden
    Brilliant Innovation

    Beautifully engineered, very effective. Had to take a very deep breath before drilling a hole in my new plane, but once I'd been pointed back to the how-to video on the RC website (thanks to Gina in support), it was easy and not nearly as stressful as I'd expected. Bottom line is it works beautifully. Can't ask more than that. Would have been useful to include a 3/16" hex key for adjusting the main screw for those of us in metric-land. Thankfully an ancient inherited screwdriver substituted.

    Tod A. Nunes
    Another Innovative Solution.

    As in the “Old West”, a good gun slinger had to have a great grip! This new Rob Cosman Grip is the solution for sore hands - offering precision control and comfort. It’s been a tough go at it after hand surgery. This will prove to be a blessing for many Combat Wounded Vets. I am very pleased with the fit and finish of this design. So glad that I purchased the drill kit for ease of installation and “clean” work.
    Thank you again for another innovative “problem solver”, Rob and Team! ~ Five Stars! ~

    Timothy Doyon
    How did I ever live without it?

    It took me less than 15 minutes to install, and is so comfortable that I now use my shooting board more than ever! I have bought several of Rob’s tools over the years, and every one of them is of the utmost quality. Thanks (again) Rob for another masterpiece! ☮️♥️