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Rob Cosman's Hand Plane Shooting Grip

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Why spend a lot of money purchasing a speciality shooting board plane when you can easily turn your jack or jointer plane into a high performing shooting plane just like Rob uses?

Our Hand Plane Shooting Grip, known as "The Grip," easily mounts to the side of most bevel down Jack (#5, #5-1/2, or #6) or Jointer (#7 or #8) planes.  The shape of "The Grip" has been painstakingly shaped to conform to the crotch of your hand giving you next level control on your bench plane when using it on the shooting board.

We have designed "The Grip" for easy mounting and our instructional videos takes you step-by step through the mounting process using either a drill press or a power hand drill.  Use your own 1/8 inch, 1/4 inch , and chamfering drill bits or purchase our inexpensive drill bit kit.

Easily slips on and off your plane in seconds.  Prevents blisters and rubbing your hand raw when shooting with a bench plane.  You will love it - we actually guarantee it!        

Product Details:

  • Made from cast aluminum.

  • Fits most bevel down Jack (#5, #5-1/2, #6) and jointer (#7, #8) bench planes.

  • Requires a 1/4 inch mounting hole to be drilled 3/16 inch deep in the side of your plane.  Easy instructional videos in the picture gallery.

  • Comes in left or right handed versions.
  • Drill bit mounting kit sold separately.


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 86 reviews
    Lawrence Parsons
    Excellent add on!

    Installed the Grip on my WoodRiver 5 1/2, using the drill bit set that I purchased as well, which was easy to do, and I love it! Using the jack plane on the shooting board, which by the way is also a pleasure to use, is so much easier now. Better control and much more comfortable. No more bruised hand. Money well spent. Another excellent product from Have not been disappointed with any product I've purchased thus far. All have worked as Rob has mentioned/showed in his videos. "Better tools make the job so much easier," absolutely true. Five stars all the way! Many thanks to the Cosman team.

    Jerry Sarkozi
    Shooting grip

    Another great tool from the Rob Cosman Team. The grip is a hand saver and makes the plane comfortable to use when using the shooting board.

    Jim McCoy
    Much more comfortable

    The grip makes using the shooting board a lot easier and gives you more control. They have done a great job making the installation almost a no brainer. The Cosmans have done more for bench plane use than anyone I am aware of.

    tom yurecko
    Plane Grip

    Truely the best tool upgrade I've ever made, made using the shooting board a joy. Money well spent and keep up the innovations ! Thanks again Rob

    Dave Avery
    Newly installed 'Grip'

    Installed the new Grip on my bench plane and it makes a huge difference when squaring off the ends of those very hard species of hardwoods. Very easy on the hand. Definitely recommend to anyone who does a large amount of planing. Great design, Jake, Rob and the rest of the team.