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Wolverine Grinding Jig

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When using a grinder to put the primary bevel on your blades, as I do, you need a jig that allows you to set the grind angle.  Teaching a seminar at a school one day I found these Wolverine jigs and they beat the pants off of all other grinder jigs for sharpening blades.

  • Use to upgrade an inexpensive grinder for grinding a primary bevel on chisels and plane blades. 

  • A simple, Heavy duty, well made jig.

  • Features Wolverine’s system of adjustment that is quick and solid.

  • Thick metal platform acts like a heat sink helping you keep your blade from over-heating.

  • Increases the versatility of your grinder, this is one of the best grinding accessories you can own.  

  • Can be used with 6", 8" or 10" grinders.

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Daniel Whittaker
Wolverine Grinding Jig

Just finished grinding a primary bevel on my 17° chisel and was thoroughly impressed with the ease of setting and locking in the desired angle on the jig. Now I’m looking for reasons to use my grinder and jig. 😊

Bruce Erath
Wolverine grinding jig

Glad I bought this...needed to go on line to learn how to set it up properly, and it did take a while, but now I can grind perfect angles..

The tool rest is more important and valuable than the grinder.

Susan Thomson
Great grinding wheel addition

This is a very flexible addition to my grinding wheel. It makes aligning what I am grinding to the wheel much easier than the old smaller supports which came with my grinder.

Richard Griffiths
A Tale of Two Cities

The product is excellent. Its strength and stability make my usual blade-sharpening chores much more pleasant.

As delivered, it came with no "instructions" or advice to the user of any kind. Even a simple one-page set-up guide about the required clearances would have been nice.

Lisa Spickler Spickler
Great jig!

Just finished installing the Wolverine grinding jig to my grinder base. It was an easy install, even taking the time to ensure that the jig is square to the grinding wheel. Adjustment of the jig is simple and straight forward, and the base and table are rock solid. I sharpened the primary bevel on a few old chisels and the platform performed great. The large solid table does a great job of supporting the tool . Also compared to the original cast aluminum table that came with the grinder, the Wolverine table works as a great heat sink. Overall I am completely satisfied with this purchase.