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WoodRiver Replacement Plane Blade (1-5/8 inch)

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WoodRiver V3 replacement blades are designed for WoodRiver hand-planes but they will also fit old Stanley and Record planes.

I always like to have a couple of extra plane blades sharpened  and ready to go.  If you watch my videos, take a careful look at the tool tray of my workbench and you will see about four or five already sharpened  blades in my tool tray.  This way when I need a sharp blade I just reach for a sharpened blade and change it out with the dull one.  Later, I will sharpen the dull blade and put it in my sharpened tray ready at a moments notice.

WoodRiver blades are a great choice to replace your old Stanley or Record plane blades.  At .125 inches thick, these WoodRiver blades are almost twice as thick and stiff as the original blade.  This thickness reduces vibration and chatter, leading to improved performance. Note: You will likely have to use a file and open the throat on your older planes for these blades to fit.

  • 1-5/8" Wide x 4-3/8" Long Blade.

  • Fits WoodRiver, Stanley, and Record Standard and Low Angle Block Planes.

  • High carbon steel blades.

  • 25 degree primary bevel

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
John Carlson
Great Replacement Block Plane Blade

The blade is perfect and is high quality. The original blade spoiled me as it came pre sharpened and honed. I had originally purchased the low angle block plane that had been 'tuned up'. Your skills are much better than mine in getting a keen edge. Really like the low angle plane. Its easy to adjust and comfortable. Also, REALLY like the shooting plane hand helper add on. It was easy to install and really has made it much easier to use my #5 and #6 planes when using a shooting board.

Cost effective spares

Nice to have spare blades so down time is minimum and sharpening time can be planned

Christopher Jones
Great Blade

Another great product from Rob and Team. The quality control from is always top notch, and prices are always on par. Highly recommend.

Big Improvement

I purchased these irons to replace the original on my Stanley block plane. The WoodRiver ones are much thicker and cut beautifully.

David Baley
Block plane blade. Fine except…

The plane iron is as advertised and works correctly and nicely once prepped and sharpened. The only complaint was a large, notable chip in the cutting edge on receipt. I expected to need to do some prep work but removing enough beveled edge to get past this chip was unexpected. Otherwise it seems to be a fine iron and worth the cost.